Dance Basic in English


in Kobe Settumotoyama

(JR Settumotoyama ,or

Hankyu Okamoto Sta.)


A new dance class for kids will start at the studio Happiness from June 14th on Saturday!! Dance class with performing in English only, I will give you training basic foundation and basic dance steps for all kinds of dance in rhythmically fun. The class is for elementary school students,only. It will be a good opportunity to start learn dance in Japan!!

DATE : Every Monday

TIME : 16:00- 17:00(Team A=Under age 7) 

     16:45- 17:45  (Team B=Over age 7)

PLACE:Studio Happiness


PRICE: The class ticket system in Studio Happiness


4classes/mon   5000yen

8classes/mon   9000yen

12classes/mon 13000yen                               


Membership fee 2500yen (No expiration date)

        **required to be a  membership in Studio Happiness.