MONDAYSettumotoyama) KIDS Basic Dance in English
MONDAYKobe, Nada) OPEN Contemporary
FRIDAYShinsaibashi)   INT/ADV Contemporary


INT Modern Jazz
SUNDAYWorkshop Kobe) BASIC Contemporary

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*Class Description*

Contemporary Dance/Modern Jazz
The class start from warming up which is comparatively simple slow-paced exercise based on Simonson technique, aiming to build inner muscles and core, find maximum lengthen of each body possibility. Dancers can get knowledge about exact and beautiful dancers muscles then learn how to prevent their injury. In the second half of class, dancers will train a short phrase of movement with music  by the week. The style is free, natural ,pure movement from inside of each person with organic transition and complexed with all genres's materials like release technique, floor work, ballet ,jazz. Also I give a chance  to add personality, musicality, sense of space into the physical movement to develop their dance expression for professionals.

KIDs Dance Basic in English

(For 5yrs - 3rd grade students)

A new dance class for kids will start at the studio Happiness from June 14th on Saturday!! Dance class with performing in English only, I will give you training basic foundation and basic dance steps for all kinds of dance in rhythmically fun. The class is for elementary school students,only. It will be a good opportunity to start learn dance in Japan!!

DATE : Every Monday

TIME : 16:00- 17:00(Team A=Under age 7) 

     16:45- 17:45  (Team B=Over age 7)
PLACE:Studio Happiness